About Us

Shopping is more than fun. It has to be rewarding. This is how Kaysie's Closet turns your shopping experience from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Kaysie's Closet opened its doors in 2014. Since then, we put in great effort to offer the best cotton plus size clothing line. We have made many customers happy and satisfied with our quality products and clothing that they love and enjoy. We also have a little secret . . .our Ezze Wear plus size cotton clothing does not carry a plus size tag!  1X can usually wear a Large and 2X, an Extra Large.  Shhh!  

After two successful years, we finally had a grandchild and moved to Kansas.  At that point Kaysie's Closet, brick and mortar, became Kaysiescloset.com. But our passion for clothes, style, and fashion never dimmed. And so, we are pleased to open the doors of Kaysie's Closet once more.

We are happy to welcome you to our closet that is full of fabulous treats for you. We invite you to step into a new Kaysie's Closet with a new look but with the same passion. Discover quality cotton plus size clothing that comes in different styles to dress you up for the occasion. Find classic pieces that make you feel sophisticated. You can never go wrong with our timeless pieces that suit you well. Or get ready to hit the road with comfortable casual clothes that are made of 100% cotton. And if you are looking for stylish plus size cotton clothing that will complement your curves, we have just the right fit for you. Whatever your style, our collection has a special treat in store for you.

If you think that's it, think again. The list of special treats for you has just begun. We are a team of friendly sales staff who are committed to making your shopping experience easy and comfortable. We love to see you at our store and it is our pleasure to serve you.